8 Best Tips To Aid Your Student Improve Their SAT Essay

sat essay

The SAT essay is challenging for several reasons, which includes its tight time limit, the point that prompts aren’t disclosed till the test commences, and its powerful impact on the SAT writing score. While it is essential to cope with all these hurdles, bear in mind not to stress excessively about them. It’s vital to remember about the composition’s core element itself: writing well. Here are some tips to assist your students improve their SAT essay.

  1. Write naturally

Tone and flow are the keys to good writing. However, since the SAT article requires academic writing, a lot of students uncomfortable with the academic tone try to professionalize their normal writing voices artificially by making use of sentence structures they are not accustomed to. The outcome is stiff, choppy, and awkward prose which eventually ends up detracting from the article. To prevent this, try to imagine that you’re explaining something crucial and really serious to a highly mindful and interested political leader. Write just as you would speak, and look at your grammar as you proceed.

  1. Do not incorporate complex vocabulary incorrectly

Complex vocabulary is definitely impressive. If you know complex vocabulary words very well and also understand how to make use of them properly, then do so. However, in case you are uncertain as to how to properly use a complicated vocabulary word, do not use it. From the grader’s point of view, there are several clearer indications of an inexperienced or incompetent writer attempting to fake experience and expertise. If you are intentionally studying vocabulary for improving your SAT score, be sure to learn each and every word’s proper usage, together with its definition.

  1. Go through sample articles

Why did the high-scoring compositions attain the scores they did? What exactly could the low-scoring compositions have done better? Sample articles might be crucial in aiding you gain a more comprehensive understanding not merely of what makes up a good writing, but also what the College Board recognizes as great writing. It is a great standard to bear in mind whilst composing your article.

  1. Turn into a grammar nut

Excellent writing demands great grammar, which might be the most powerful foundation of brilliant writing. Improving your grammar is very crucial. You may inquire your English instructor whether he or she has observed any persistent grammatical mistakes in your writing or simply go through news articles and books more often.

  1. Practice writing timed SAT compositions

It is the best method to make improvements to your SAT writing since there is no justification in studying the elements of excellent writing until you include them in your compositions. The only successful way to do this is by building good habits, which one can achieve with good practice.

  1. Revise the practice articles the day after writing them

Just a little distance makes it much easier to spot your own errors, note what exactly you have done properly, and also identify areas which need improvement.

  1. Request others to aid you to revise your articles

Ask other people to assist you to revise your compositions. These individuals can be your parents, English instructors or even buddies who are in high-grade levels. Their suggestions will provide you with an innovative perspective on your writing.

The very best SAT compositions are set apart by superb writing. It is extremely useful, not just to the SAT but also to academics as well as your career in general. Practice and also plan in order to be an improved student and develop your composing skills for writing the best SAT essay.